Caroline Luu

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A drawing of the journey from “good” to “great” and how craftsmanship outlasts passion

Context on Anti-Asian hate from an Asian American perspective

Symbol of Anti-Asian Hate Crimes: yellow circle representing Asian people with a white X on it representing white supremacy.

A holistic approach curated to fit your life

Illustration by Timo Kuilder

A open book with wireframes on each page

Leveling up the designer-developer relationship.

Two buttons that say “To Code” or “Not to Code”

Learning to improve my job search prospects.

Image showing different positive habits that can help your job search

From a user and designer perspective.

Sad face connected to various social media brands

There’s a kid in all of us. What if we treated each other like such?

An adult with a kid in its shadow

My journey to product design

Venn diagrams shifting to be more aligned with similarities.

Caroline Luu

Product designer exploring life + design questions to better understand humanity. Writing from San Francisco, CA.

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